Mario Dcunha is a User Experience Designer
who designs products of character and zeal, to inspire change.
I’m based in Mountain View, California working for Intuit Quickbooks as a Product Designer, powering not just small businesses, but helping dreamers like me.


‘Ajoobaa’ means ‘Wonder’ in Hindi. It is a hybrid card-app game for 4-7 players to explore the Seven Wonders of the World with fun and suspense along the way!...


Zagrut, meaning beware, is a news reader app that critiques the existing system of online news and gently guides the user against prevalent media bias. (more…)

Computational Art

My collection of code-sketches, quick experiments, mini-web interactions, digital prototypes, and expression of art with code. (more…)

PAL पल

My MFA Design Thesis is an experiment of play between strangers and blends affordances of the smartphone with everyday objects, epitomizing 'small joys of life'. (more…)

Intuit, Summer Internship, 2018 didn't feel like I was just making products for small businesses, but making products for dreamers, like me. I was the sole Design Intern at Intuit's Plano office,...


A-tox-sphere is a speculative future where the earth is depleted of oxygen. It is a collection of physical and digital prototypes including a VR experience. (more…)