I did a project in school at Parsons to vary any idea in different forms. I started off with an idea to creatively teach people about the 7 wonders of the world because many of them are ignorant about it. It was a simple idea to start with, and I wasn’t looking for any heavy inspiration to solve any particular design problem. After trying out a few forms, I finally ended up making my first VR product, and that too on my most preferred platform the web. I was intrigued by AFrame when I landed at the RealityVirtually Hackathon at MIT Media Lab. Also, I’m one of the craziest persons you will find about the 7 wonders of the world. I have visited three of them so far.

This provides a WebVR experience and gives you the impression and feel to study the basic history and understand the new 7 wonders of the world by teleporting you virtually there, with visuals and audio. This can be expanded to rebuild a feel of the ancient 7 wonders of the world as well. I built this with all the basic info that I learned in the first two days at theRealityVirtually Hackathon at MIT Media Lab. It was difficult to understand the difference in tags with the a-frame semantics and the regular HTML but with a little trial and error, I was able to work around it. With more time, I could add CSS animations, transitions, focussing the clicks on certain areas and also build the 3D models of at least the ancient wonders that do not exist today.


This is my first venture into VR and I’m so happy about it. What makes me glad is that I managed to build this within two days on my own, inside Web, because the web is one of my favorite platforms! It’s just fun to know that there’s something like Aframe out there and I can’t wait to dig in more. Also, I hope this serves as an inspiration to those who want to build quick VR apps. This is a good start to help children get virtually the real experience so that they can understand stuff better. What I learned: Just make it! Get down and dirty and just make it! Big or small, just do what you feel compelled to, no matter what people say.

Here are the user reactions with mostly kids, and felt good to just see a simple smile on their faces. What’s next for ‘VR the World’: Adding better and focussed interactions to different parts of the scene, expanding it to the ancient 7 wonders and giving a try to build 3D models with AFrames to replicate the extinct ancient wonders.


How to experience VR the World

  • Get any phone with a good screen
  • Get any VR headset that can click or touch the phone screen. Any headset that can do this will do.
  • Go to http://mariodcunha.com/7wotwvr/ on your phone and insert your phone into the headset in VR mode.
  • Make sure headphone are connected as well for the sound experience as well.
  • Enter into the VR world. Click the screen of the mobile to teleport yourself to the other 7 wonders of the world.
  • Here’s the code at GitHub

Note: The 360 images and background music is borrowed from Google Images and Youtube and they do not belong to me or made by me. The voice narration is from Amazon Polly.