My friend spoke to the store manager of a McDonalds in Berlin. The manager narrated his story – a war veteran from Delaware and how he landed in Germany during the Cold War. He ended up staying in Berlin, loving his new job, wife and two kids. He was an amazing speaker and a natural conversationalist.

Another friend of mine was talking to a stranger about how AI will take over the world and that’s the only language people will speak soon!

A man wanted to know what my friend’s haircut was. He thought it was a bob cut, but she told him that it’s actually a pixie cut. He then introduced himself to her and that’s all the conversation they had.

My friend was at a cafe in SFO. There was a dog in the cafe by the window, next to his table. He wanted to pet the dog and play with him. So he went up to the lady and asked if he could do so. He recalls approaching her, while she was buried in her laptop, but then, they ended up chatting for an hour.