two strangers to interact simultaneously / cooperatively
Helloween – demonstrated in the first concept prototype above (in the previous paper)
This uses to create simultaneous interaction between two strangers and uses interact.js for phone interactions like touching and tapping.

actions beyond just the phone screen
Soap Balance – This is built using and generic web sensors from Chrome. This is testing the gyroscope, the ambient light sensors and the accelerometer in the phone. This was also accompanied by other prototypes that imitated concept of ‘small joys of life’ from objects in the real world, translated virtually on to the phone:
Soap, Money, Champagne, Candle, Heart

communication/shimmer of connection
In addition to the Helloween prototype above, the stranger diary (initial working model with a few bugs) is a log of my events whenever I met a stranger and had a shimmer of connection with them, in conversation or over a smile. This uses the Emotional API from Microsoft that tracks the reader’s face and reflects the emotion on screen if the reader, feels sad, or smiles, or gives any emotion.