I sat in the first year design studios to understand and draw inferences from the projects. In the first year at Parsons, we had to create an Instruction Set for Strangers to create an interaction between two strangers – my sole inspiration behind my current Strangers Project for my Thesis.

I could see so many similarities from class, that did the same project a year ago, and also some stark differences. Here are some of my observations in relation to my research questions.

  • The interface in that space needs to be relatable and slightly unique to be approachable.
  • The interface should be something people love to use, or something they hate so that you can get them to familiarize themselves with it
  • In a stranger app, you don’t want to use surprise factor so much because they know they are using the app for a reason, so the surprise should be subtly added. Contrary to actual Instruction sets?
  • How can you get the relational puzzle to both strangers across the globe? What can be common or something totally different? If different then no point of public spaces or space/context in general
  • Where and in what context will people use the ‘stranger app’? Who and why would anyone use such an app?
  • Airbnb, Uber and stranger crowdsourcing has a purpose. What is your app’s purpose Strangers are doing other things, and they stop to interact with strangers? So without a purpose, why would anyone want to interact with a stranger?
  • How to drive with impactful minimalism?
  • Kids are the ones that will interact with anything! How can we harness the power of kids?
  • How many would actually want to talk to strangers themselves?
  • Location, timing, bringing people in and restricting them to do just one thing.
  • Can we use physical installations to get people to use their app? To ignite something?
  • Exploring simple familiar interactions like paper plane sent to others, following footprints, very simple, daily and common interactions.
  • Multiplicity and Familiar Interfaces
  • Getting people out of web/screen/VR bubbles.