‘Making to think’ has really started to help me conceptualize and think of various representations for my Thesis project. I was working on a ‘Strangers Diary‘ for my Thesis to test emotional reactions digitally. It is a collection of stories of how I had ‘moments of fleeting intimacy’ or ‘momentary affection’ towards a stranger, and I want to present this online over the web. While creating this, I chose the ancient scroll like aesthetic and that reminded me of Harry Potters Marauder’s Map. Interestingly, the map also satisfies a lot of my Thesis Criteria, with literally ‘fleeting intimacy’.

  • Generate emotions of fleeting intimacy
  • Possibly create ’small joys of life’
  • Possibly generate a smile exchange
  • Get co-operating instead of competing
  • No experience should be the same each time
  • Replicating the physical instruction set with the online interface
  • Get people to move unusually with the phone, than stare at screens
  • There needs to be a multiplicity of the interface – more than one input point
    • Familiar interface
    • Restrictive action
    • Minimalism and Simple