This piece is about experiencing small joys in life along with a stranger. This may include small quirky interactions with the smartphone. It presents itself to the user as a game, as a form of having fun, spending time, and a tad but of curiosity as to with whom you will play this game. The game/app will include daily interactions translated via the smartphone, which be very literal but overall as the larger system, presents itself as a metaphor to simply enjoy the small joys of life. The gameplay aims to get the player to appreciate the unknown player on the other side.
The actual subject or the content is yet to be decided.
The player will encounter collaborative experience with a stranger, to achieve small and simple gameplay goals. The user will have a channel to emote or send indirect messages in this collaborative play. The goal is to generate small bursts of fleeting intimacy at least once to both players during or after gameplay. These are delivered through gameplay interactions or everyday objects that will be mimicked using the features and dynamics of the smartphone.
Point of view
Based on what the final theme is going to be, the user would either always see the perspective of the other user, from a very marginal angle, and guide him towards the goal, or will always only see his own perspective and they would never see each other’s environments.
This is purposefully designed with the hope that the literal point of view will translate into the empathetical point of view.
The challenge here is to generate collaborative emotion of simple joy or happiness between two unknown people. The challenges for the design lie in the build and structure of these interactions to achieve this. The concept from the user point of view is simple, literal, and straightforward with no speculative or critical meaning. However, from the larger point of view, these interactions symbolize a metaphor of ‘breaking the bubbles’ from our devices, and from our personal reserved spaces and trusting a stranger with these small fleeting joys of life.
The perception will be aided visually with either AR objects floating or moving around or screen animations that will guide the user to not just start or press on the screen – because this is to break away from the current bubble of staring at our screens.
Users make decisions on the go collaboratively as per how their teammate is helping them achieve the gameplay goals. Post the gameplay, users can also decide whether they want to save these stranger connections and play with them at a later stage or play with newer players. Possibly, they can also decide if they no longer want to remain strangers, and get to know each other’s true identities.
The audience is above preferably above 18 adults who are either in college, work, busy with their own lives, and they would just like to take a break of leisure and play this game, connect with someone unknown.
They can encounter this piece anywhere, based on app marketing. However, they would prefer using this in comfortable public spaces (school hall, cafe, park), and not private-public spaces (subway, road, elevator). They are interacting with it just for fun as long as the game engages them.
Emotions of fleeting intimacy through collaborative experiences or interactions.