“Order is Heaven’s first law.” Design to me is about creating a specific order and organizing elements within it, which best accomplishes a task and establishes a framework for future innovation. Incidentally, this also almost coincides with Charles Eames definition of design – “Plan for arranging elements to accomplish a particular purpose.” A real designer must be reflective. It is this quality of looking back on one’s work and processes that add disruption and fluidity to the body of design.  

The inspiration behind my Thesis emanates from an academic influence to experiment and explore. The first semester’s ‘Instruction Set for Strangers’ project was one of the most simple, yet challenging projects that I have ever worked with and it remains incomplete. Its the core impetus for my Thesis and the idea has subconsciously remained steady. Reflecting on the thought process gave shape to this idea, the inherent personal values emanating from migrating to a profoundly cosmopolitan New York City, far away from my homeland, India, the culture shock, the seamless beauty of the co-existence of various nationalities is very apparent.

Taking advantage of my web and digital background, I am looking to extend this ‘Strangers Project’ from a local to a global level over a web or mobile platform, which also complements my consistent work from the recent past, in user experience design and interaction design. I want to extrapolate the experiences that ‘greeted’ me in New York City, pun not intended, across the world through the web, so that people can engage with folks they would otherwise not meet or a platform to experiment with interactions between users and interfaces.

I believe that this project not only fits well into my domain and passion of travel but also in that of humor, sarcasm, understanding ironical cultures and reducing ignorances because the world today is in terrible need of light-hearted perspectives. My recent projects are also within domains of travel, public awareness, and irony. ‘Zagrut’ which means beware is a mobile app to inform you of media bias around and within oneself gradually. ‘Ajooba’ which means wonder is a card game with AR, to cultivate an appreciation of world cultures and history using the concept of seven wonders of the world. ‘A-Tox-Sphere’ is a speculative design model to critique the ironical future where we’re progressing towards with our irresponsible exploitation of resources and technology.  

I strive to make my work manifest an innate character to prompt its user to look outwards from the digital space of the product and appreciate the outside, actual world.