• Create connections between two strangers
  • These connections may be fading or preserved
  • Experiment with non-usual smartphone interactions
  • Generate emotions of fleeting intimacy
  • Generate moments of ’small joys of life’
  • Breaking personal bubbles
    • From phone screens to look outwards
    • From doubtful strangers to be more approachable
  • Possibly redefine how smiles can be truly shared between strangers via digital
  • Possibly break assumptions of social bias and categorization
  • Virtual trust can translate in the real world
  • No consequences, or expectations
  • Quantifying or mapping the interactions
  • Create a reputable system for reputation capital (uber, airbnb, klout)
  • App or a game between strangers in a playful experience
  • Stranger is a danger
  • Phone is most personal after home
  • Power of a smartphone and its interactions are not well explored
  • Two persons interaction with the help of an interface between them
  • Sharing a limited world / collaborative consumption
  • Leisure time
  • Generate emotions of fleeting intimacy
    • Possibly create ’small joys of life’
    • Possibly generate a smile exchange
  • Get co-operating instead of competing
  • No experience should be the same each time
  • Replicating the physical instruction set with the online interface
    • Get people to move unusually with the phone, than stare at screens
    • There needs to be a multiplicity of the interface – more than one input point
    • Familiar interface
    • Restrictive action
    • Minimalism and Simple
  • Possibly remember the connection with that stranger
  • Possibly try to figure out who they were/are
  • No text instruction and no platform for texting
  • No use of camera use, image or video
  • No outlet to create pervesive interactions, data
  • No direct names and actual identities
  • Non-Addictive UX
  • Stay away from imitating China’s Social Credit System
  • Stay away from creating a dating platform
  • Local connection might be better than global connection
  • Store stories
  • Network of strangers
  • Trust without capital
  • Quantify the interactions
  • The Subconscious and the Marketing
  • Physical installation drive
  • If they are bored, disconnected
  • Casual and curious
  • Fun
  • Simply play a game
  • Digital achievements / dashboard / ranking / followers
  • Coupons
  • Stranger interactions are not a big deal, HOW matters
  • Context surroundings and timing
  • Low risk interactions
  • Trust in the idea, platform, user