I am creating an app, for anyone taking a timeout (gamers, regular subway riders, college students taking a break) to have a play experience with another stranger from across the globe, and evoke emotions of ‘fleeting intimacy’ like a smile, a hi fi, in the context of appreciating one another without engrained social biases and categorization, with the hope get the world a little closer.


I presented this prototype to my peers during a class exchange and here’s some of the important feedback that I received:

  • Would anyone WANT to simply connect to ‘a stranger’?
  • What is the marketing pitch vs the subconscious goal?
  • Fleeting intimacy across countries? Is that really possible?
  • Wouldn’t it be better to have a fleeting intimacy in a more ‘local’ location?
  • Can the incentive be more than just ‘fun’?