All the processes, idea sketches, storytelling, concepts, and design critique has led to an overarching concept of the ‘simple and small  joys of life.’ The meaningless, irrational pleasures that make us human, a discerning factor against other animals or machine. After all, humans are irrational beings, and we cannot explain several of our decisions ourselves.

A simple smile from a stranger may be meaningless or unimportant. However, when we zoom out and look at them from a broader perspective, every day, and frequently, these many tiny unimportant things become essential and gives much more meaning to human society. These thoughts led me to the idea of our many ‘tiny bits of life’. Thus, the aesthetic for the product is inspired by this idea.

Additionally, since this project is also inspired from a personal space, I want to use the 8-bit aesthetic and theme to represent nostalgia, my childhood days and reflects on my name, who is also an 8-bit video game character. Some assumptions need to be tested, and they are as follows:

  • How will the 8-bit aesthetic match with the imitation of physical objects digitally?
  • Should the aesthetic be perfectly skeuomorphic?
  • Could this be an interesting experiment to try to use the 8-bit for non-usual physical interactions over the phone, that has traditionally been screen-based?

I received good feedback, acceptance, and understanding of this aesthetic decision and also, I am in love with it personally. Invested in this idea, I went ahead and registered for this domain to host this project.