I came to New York in July for a mission, a goal and to become the best designer I can. Design to me is about creating specific order and organizing elements within it, which best accomplishes a task and establishes a framework for future improvements. My biggest inspiration for design is nature itself. I do believe in God too and he’s my favorite designer. Whatever limitations and phenomenon science cannot explain or is still looking for answers to, is contained in design. Why does nature work like it does?

Every day in my walk from home to school and back home, I walk the same route, pass the same parkway, take the same train. For some reason, I never felt that to be a routine, I’m not sure why. That also reflected in one of my assignments for my design studio – ‘Routinely Unusual’. So I thought why do I need to go to a place and observe something, be it nature or something else when I pass by nature every day… and it’s so gorgeous! Hence I decided to record a picture of whenever I noticed a change on my walkway and I made sure I pay attention to the trees, the wind, the colors and the feeling as much as I can. I am proud to say that my mobile phone rarely got priority over these trees, over the parkway and over nature, in almost all my walks to the train.

Most of all, just looking at these and trees and walking this parkway kept me grounded – about my challenges in this new chapter of my life, about design and its challenges, about missing my home, about the troubles I have here in New York – about Rise, Fall and Winter.

Even in a stone cold Winter, you will find the joy of Christmas.