My MFA Design Thesis is an experiment of play between strangers and blends affordances of the smartphone with everyday objects, epitomizing ‘small joys of life’.

PAL is a collaborative mobile game played between two strangers from different locations within a local radius, with its main interactions guiding the users away from the ‘touch of the screen.’ It is an experiment that generates an emotion of fleeting intimacy between the unknown players, to demonstrate a larger narrative – a reminder to be observant and appreciate the simple joys of life.

It manifests an innate character to prompt its user, as a reminder to look outwards from the digital space of the product and appreciate the outside, actual world, that is marred with interactions devoid of emotion. In turn, it makes a commentary on how we should attempt to break our digital bubbles and personal walls and be more cognizant of social forms around us. It is a critique of how we could better interact with the gadgets at our disposal without trading it for what makes us human.

Two strangers play the game to advance to further levels. On failure, a player may choose to play with another stranger from a local geographical radius or invite previous strangers from their history log. At each level, the gameplay is inspired by everyday objects that give us momentary joy, while players themselves may develop a sense of momentary affection for the other.

The Hindi title पल pronounced as ‘ple’ in ‘simple,’ means ‘moment.’ Together, with another pal, these strangers will explore the small moments of life.

More Coming Soon.

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