Voodoo Loa Cards by Ula Fish

We all know that the world today runs on Einstein’s E=mc2 theory of energy to mass conversion. This is scientific, yes. However, as laypersons, do we ponder about the possibility that there can be more to this? Are we running the world with this, only because it’s the best-proven theory so far? Didn’t we once live with belief that the Earth is flat until it was disproven? I believe this culture of questioning is in our innate humanness and that is the source of power to improve, preserve and keep our civilization as just as possible. When we lose this, we lose democracy, voice, protest, justice.

Reflecting on the readings it is clear that our society ‘may have been shaped by a privileged few’ or man has dominated his reign pushing the woman into the second position, etc. Taking another look, is this another easy theory as we look at the way things have been built? Are only White people responsible for the Black suppression? Are women marginalized today only by men? We are all victims of our own assumptions and we don’t realize who is not. Taking an example from my context of India, we know that the British conquered the entire world once upon a time, today reduced to an island, screaming out to move out immigrants from ‘their country’ with the Brexit phenomenon. Their conquest of India has eroded most of our love for our own culture, increased our adaptation to western cultures, dawned the idea of superiority of white skin and English, among many other social corrosions that still exist.

Movies like TRON, The 5th Element, Sheena, etc may reflect a ‘naive’ woman and ‘sexy’ body but then, the actual question that we need to ask is, that these characters were not born, but were made. Who made them? Were all such filmmakers men? Were the women unaware of their portrayals? Were the men subconsciously doing this because they are also victims of the assumption that has percolated down over the years? I’m throwing out this satire movie review of Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, “supposedly” considered as India’s most memorable and successful romantic film ever. The comedians have interesting reviews to share and the reflects a lot on the society today.

Moving into fiction, while we say we create imaginative stuff, our imagination is also guarded and guided by our subconscious boundaries. All these concepts, sci-fi, Black Quantum Futurism, drives the point that we need to be acquainted with our roots, to our history, and to our TRUE history. Does the average British citizen know how terrible their Empire was towards the whole world? Do the ‘suppressed’ women of India know how empowered they were in ancient times? How does India have so many powerful Goddesses who did not care about covering themselves up or what others spoke of their attire? We need to think. We will one day right against the Empire.