Inspired by my first Broadway show ever, I got all my acting juices flowing. But a movie was not on my mind… I just began thinking about all my school and pre-university days where I acted and performed on stage or even danced. I just missed the stage. Fortunately, 2 days later, my schoolmate Kabeer, wanted to shoot a trailer video for his final project for one of his filmmaking¬†and video editing classes. He wanted two leads and two supporting roles.

I quickly jumped on the opportunity and took up the supporting role because just before the finals month, I did not have time for a lead role and I wasn’t sure I would fit into his script either. So anyway, I took up the supporting role and then on the day of the shoot I turned up, ran through the script a few times and then we began shooting.

My character was a ‘courier guy’! Haha! It did not have a name and I am not sure what the entire story is about, but I just new my scenes and lines. I had no time to go through the entire story either, and I was only focussed on reflecting that character for those few scenes. While this was not theatre or on stage, I just loved the atmosphere of all the camera’s the lights, the heavy stands, and sets, etc. Kabeer and Alya were directing and my other friends were around too. Blake, who played the lead role, the lady behind the door, was simply amazing and it was so great to watch her perform. I wore my other smaller winter jacket, so that made me look like a courier guy.

I underestimated how easy this was going to be! It took us about 2-3 hours to shoot the¬†door scenes with the few dialogues I had. Even so, after the shoot was done, there were sound issues, and some re-dubbing had to be done. The final video is still in processing and once Kabeer gets that ready, I’ll share that here. This was fun!