Part 5 of Ideas in Form series in my design studio: Adding element of Interaction to the design. Ideas in Form was a project to select a domain and a lens within or through which one would like to conduct research. Given your lens, develop a concept derived from any idea you have identified with your domain. This concept will then move through a series of forms, where each form is a prototype of the idea.

Design Statement
“How can I give a minimal but clear understanding of the 7 ancient and new wonders of the world, using an element of curiosity, without overwhelming the user?”

Following up from 4D  and continuing the 1D narrative with the above design statement and criteria throughout this project, this is my realization of the idea in 5D with elements of interaction. Note that, this is not a well-defined interaction design project and only uses interaction elements to help satisfy the basic criteria as mentioned above.

Interaction using Javascript

This uses jQuery behind a simple HTML-CSS frame that helps achieve the following interactions:

  • Switch between New and Ancient maps with the music and feel, and noting the map markers of the New and Ancient 7 wonders
  • Shuffle between New wonders when in the ‘New’ main title and old inside the ‘Old’ title with the relevant information and music. Shuffling is within the era only.
  • The #hashtags in the side help you shuffle through both ancient and new, both taken together and the shuffling is based on concept attached to a wonder, and not the era.
  • The animations and music add the curiosity factor, the entire experience helps educate and the interface and information exposed are kept minimal.

View the working here. Moving on to 6D