Part 4 of Ideas in Form series in my design studio: Adding element of Time to the design. Ideas in Form was a project to select a domain and a lens within or through which one would like to conduct research. Given your lens, develop a concept derived from any idea you have identified with your domain. This concept will then move through a series of forms, where each form is a prototype of the idea.

Design Statement
“How can I give a minimal but clear understanding of the 7 ancient and new wonders of the world, using an element of curiosity, without overwhelming the user?”

Following up from 3D  with the above design statement and criteria throughout this project, this is my realization of the idea in 4D. To understand this better, this 4D version is essentially inspired from the 1D narrative and is a high-definition version of it.


I wasn’t satisfied with my semester introduction, even though it was a simple five minutes, and I wanted to make something of it. I did get good feedback from some of my peers who told me that they never thought or looked at the 7 wonders in a way that I explained to them. The first thought that struck me was to do the same but in the form of an upgraded version with Motion Graphics so that it appeals better to a wider audience. However, later when my professor told us about the 5-in-5 assignment, this definitely wasn’t a good idea for single day project and so I chucked it.

When I sat to brainstorm to start my first 5-in-5, the one thing that he said struck me… that ‘we need to try and explore something we haven’t done before.’ Stop Motion was the idea that I landed, especially with the colorful post-it notes flashing in my mind! I already had reserved my tripod for a photography project, but I had to let go off that since it was not a good ‘one-day’ project nor I could use a pre-planned idea for this assignment. I did about half to one hour of “youtube-study” on stop-motion videos. I never thought that a tripod would be so vital here, and I really underestimated the idea of stop-motion videos and thought I could pass it off easily with my phone, with a tad bit of human-noise in the video quality.

The criteria was satisfied by:

  • The element of stop-motion is always interesting and generates curiosity.
  • The video itself is an educational video and is kept minimal.
  • Stop-motion exists as an element of time (for the 4D criteria)

I used simple iMovie edits, my Sony RX100 M3 and a tripod, CartoonVectors, voice-over: Amazon Polly, fonts: Hogfish, Snell Roundhand, Nueue and this piano background music. I kept the animation at 15 frames per second.

With another iteration, I would probably refine my direction to more granularity and have a run through first and then go ahead with live capturing. Use better equipment, lighting, camera, larger tripod.

Moving on to 5D.

Note: The scope of this project does not include user-testing or user-reactions and hence not all deductions are free from assumptions. These ‘final products’ are merely prototypes of one single idea in many forms.