Part 3 of Ideas in Form series in my design studio: Represent your design in a 3D model. Ideas in Form was a project to select a domain and a lens within or through which one would like to conduct research. Given your lens, develop a concept derived from any idea you have identified with your domain. This concept will then move through a series of forms, where each form is a prototype of the idea.

Design Statement
“How can I give a minimal but clear understanding of the 7 ancient and new wonders of the world, using an element of curiosity, without overwhelming the user?”

Following up from 2D  with the above design statement and criteria throughout this project, this is my realization of the idea in 3D:

In the sprint, before I explored some precedents, I did a minimal sprint-research with Google forms. It was very clear that people assume their own seven wonders and no one is particularly interested to know the facts that exist, although some may still debate whether some of those monuments are deserving of their title (which is a separate issue).



I did not want to create the very many 3D models of the wonders of the world that may already exist in plenty and even in different forms. Obviously, the first idea that would translate a 2D map into 3D is a globe! So I skipped that because that neither satisfies my criteria nor is it creative enough. And hence I stumbled upon the below precedents. 

Taking a cue from the precedents and ignoring the obvious choices of a globe model, the paper-cut-out-books, 3D puzzles, etc, it just struck me that I actually design t-shirts! So going back to my criteria, I could just make my design in 2D (a graphic visual) and print it on a t-shirt. Anyone wearing the t-shirt, would spread curiosity, create a conversation that will help educate and the graphic will be minimal.

3D Model 1: The T-Shirt

Keeping in mind that this was a sprint project, I had to get my t-shirt printed within 1 day, and no online service was going to help me with that. I took a day to create my graphic design as below. I used symbols from The Noun Project and added the flags behind them. I did not pay much attention to the finer details here, and proceeded to create this:

With my graphic design ready and quick search on Youtube, I was surprised to know that there exists a certain kind of ‘transfer paper‘ that can be placed over cotton textile and ironed, where the graphic print (with an ink-jet printer) on the paper melts onto the t-shirt! An instant print! I placed the order for a plain white t-shirt and the required materials on Amazon PrimeNow and got them in few hours! All this was done in just 15 minutes after receiving the materials and then the t-shirt was left to dry for a few hours! After a simple rinse and drying over-night, the next morning, I literally wore my homework to school!

This ‘wearable’ satisfied my criteria in the following ways:

  • It generates curiosity when people see the ‘7’ printed on the t-shirt and they may ask “Hey! What is this 7 about?” or “Why 7?” or “What that on your t-shirt about?”. People may also be attracted by the flags on the t-shirt and they can connect more with that.
  • This will in-turn generate a factor of educating them, be an ice-breaker or people would simply learn something by looking at the t-shirt while standing in a queue or on the train.
  • The graphic design itself is kept minimal, with all the basic info that was required.

3D Model 2: The 7-Wonder Ring

In principle, the t-shirt was just a ‘wearable’ item. Extending from this, I proceeded to conceptualize another wearable design that was a 3D model in itself – a ring. Considering precedents like the Mozilla Seabird Projector Concept Phone with respect to flat-surface projections and making simple 3D hologram projections with a boundary surface I proceeded to make a demo of such a projection as below:


My concept idea was that we can place this entire apparatus into a 7-ringed “multi-ring” where each ring can generate a 3D hologram bounded by the inner surfaces of the other rings. These 7 rings can be attached to an 8th ring which could be the battery power to this entire apparatus, and also serve as a conversation starter or ice breaker as to “Why the 8th ring?” adding to the factor of curiosity and satisfying the design criteria, similar to the t-shirt above! [That can also represent the 8th wonder – The Pyramids, the only existing ancient 7 wonder].

Moving on to 4D.

Note: The scope of this project does not include user-testing or user-reactions and hence not all deductions are free from assumptions. These ‘final products’ are merely prototypes of one single idea in many forms.

[Image credits placed in link to image.]