Part 2 of Ideas in Form series in my design studio: Design on a sheet of paper.
Ideas in Form was a project to select a domain and a lens within or through which one would like to conduct research. Given your lens, develop a concept derived from any idea you have identified with your domain. This concept will then move through a series of forms, where each form is a prototype of the idea.

Following up from 1D this is my realization of the idea in 2D. This is a sheet of paper with the countries with the new 7 wonders shaded grey. Iran, Iraq, and Greece are torn away to show the current destabilization of these great ancient civilizations and also that their ancient 7 wonders do not exist anymore. With the exception of Egypt that still hosts the Pyramids and so I decorated the most ancient civilization in foil. This at a glance, will try to arouse curiosity from the viewer as to why it is so. This will prompt the user to educate himself about the wonders and their history.

This may seem a simple quick sprint to just pop-up a prototype with paper, however, this part of the design in 2D helped me to fix my design statement and identify the specific criteria to later build on the idea in different forms.

Design Statement
How can I give a minimal but clear understanding of the 7 ancient and new wonders of the world, using an element of curiosity, without overwhelming the user?”

Since this project was in sprint-form where we need to generate several forms in a couple of weeks, I tried to establish my criteria from within the design statement itself and built the simple mind-map around it. Moving on to 3D.