All I could manage for Diwali was have a moti chor laddoo that my friend got all the way from India! I definitely pushed myself to jump into the Halloween Parade. Speaking of laddoo and Halloween, they are both round and orange! Thankfully, the parade passed through 5th and 6th Avenues that’s right around my school and I forced myself to stop whatever I was doing and take part in it.

Enjoy a taste of some captures of the long and chilly Halloween Parade of 2017. Yes… it was chilly in many ways! It was Halloween, ghosts and creeps walking all around you, city draped in black and orange, the temperature was 5-8 degrees C and above all, today was the day there was a terror attack in Manhattan, hours before the Parade could kick off.  So yes, more than what you can see here, it took me a lot of will to get up, go out and just breathe in the cold NY air.

It was great to see all the interesting costumes, the effort, and creativity people took time to invest in, and also some (which I really cannot show in a video) where… there were barely any clothes at all! I wish I had a costume, but the Facebook AR mask was the only thing I could manage in a jiffy! Huhuhaha!

Having said all this, do all who actually take part and invest so much time in Halloween, understand and know what Halloween really means, signifies or originated from?