I have done many “New York” things so far, like eating cheeseburgers, pretzels, pizzas, being dazzled by Times Square, taking the subway and the list goes on… but for some reason, one of the best feelings of New York came when I visited Grand Central Station  and its market and also the Holiday Market at Union Square.

What did I buy? Well, not much, but a handful of tiny things – chocolates, marshmallows, candy, and some Christmas memorabilia for home. But this place was magical. It’s a market, but so well arranged, spaced out. Never did I think that I’d have fun in a market. The last time I felt so good in a market was at the Chatuchak Market in Thailand. (Don’t wanna break the feeling, but Chatuchak is the best market in the world! You gotta go there!). So back to New York…

I tasted some roasted chicken, churros, hot chocolate! Loved it! The avenues, the aisles, brings such a splendid feeling! I guess I enjoyed these things so much because I just go there to discover and not with a shopping list in mind. That can make a big difference. Thanks, New York!

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