On October 4th 2017, Google announced the release of Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, the upgrade from 2016’s debut models. They also announced the Google Home Mini, Pixel buds, Pixelbook, Daydream VR Headset upgrade and other products to its suite. For a Google fan like me, this amplified my excitement! On October 19th, they finally released all these products out into the markets, and more specifically, the Google PopUp stores.

Entering the Google PopUp Store

When it comes to my phone, it first started out with Nokia, the stone phone with the yellow screen, then the one with polyphonic ringtones and colored screen, then the Nokia Xpress Music and then finally the touchscreen Nokia C3, but still with a keypad. The next jump in my phone generation was into the actual ‘smartphone’ and I left the Nokia world to stick with Sony. I first started with the Xperia TX, then moved to Xperia Z1 Compact. The next jump was into white modeled phones with Xperia Z3 Compact and then finally Z5 Compact. I loved… yes loved every one of them, and they all had their unique names: StoneCold, PitPit, The Undertaker, Rio, TakerTX, Badass, Gandalf The Grey and Gandalf The White, respectively. As you can see, I was and still am a big fan of compact phones, because they get the job done and I use my laptop for anything complicated and more important.

However, other than Sony no one was making great compact phones, but because I moved to the USA, I could not use Sony phones comfortably enough on all signals and band spectrums here. Also, I still believe they had the best Android UI out there (even though upgrades were late). So I had to change into the iPhone world or to the Google world. Google it was. This was not only my jump into Google but also to my first ‘large’ phone with a screen of 5 inches or more. So I placed my pre-order for the Pixel 2 Black (yes, I went back to black) and got a Google Home Mini free too!

As days progressed, I could feel the universe calling me into something. I thought I had made a decision myself to enter into the Google world, but was is that Google PopUp store that invited me in? This Google PopUp started a lot of things going! Apart from trying out the Pixel phones, I got acquainted with Google Daydream VR and hence placed an order for Google Cardboard which was a cheap option. It did not stop there.

Unexpectedly, I spent almost an hour just at the VR Station exploring the Google Street View in Daydream VR as was my inspiration for my 6D 7Wonders.

In November, Google also announced that it would be coming to my school to assist and guide us on portfolio reviews and applications to their Summer 2018 internship program. My Pixel phone arrived on the day Google came to my school! It was supposed to arrive two days later. Coincidence? And finally, on Thanksgiving, the Google Home Mini arrived. Not just that, Google updated their Calendar on the web and also their maps! I have been waiting for that update for ages… yes ages!!!

The Google Pixel 2, Home Mini and Cardboard VR Headset. I named them M.Dot, Padmini, and VR of Oz. These all got united at Thanksgiving 2017.

What are the odds that all this has to happen within one month, the month where I am contemplating to apply for Google Internships…? Don’t you feel all these are Stranger Things…?

All images above are clicked by me. This is the ‘Stranger Things‘ set at the Google PopUp store.