Among all my Creative Dates, truly this was a time I chose to literally forget about everything and just enjoy some time off with myself. I am really amazed and proud of myself for doing this, but I guess it was the feeling of Thanksgiving all around! Thanks to Thanksgiving for Black Friday and to celebrate all this at 34th Street!

Even though 34th street is a stop away from the school stop, it felt like a whole new world altogether! I went here to shop for Black Friday and Thanksgiving and do some shopping for myself, for winter and for my family and friends to take some good stuff back home during the winter break. Well, I used my brains a little and tested out all the stuff I wanted, the fit, the style, the color and marked all the models. When it was actually Black Friday, I purchased all my stuff all online!

I got a winter scarf and a pair of gloves from HnM, my awesome winter jacket from Zara, took a roundabout the glorious Macy’s store and resisted all temptation to splurge on stuff there. I also dropped into Timberland store which was a little far away, took a stop at Starbucks, and did some more window shopping on almost entire 34th Street. This was such a great “New York” feeling to shop for the winder right under the night lights of the Empire State building. So yes, thank you Black Friday and thank you 34th Street!