That’s right. This was my first ever Broadway show, and probably the first theatre shows that I have seen in a very long time. The last time I might have attended theatre was maybe during my undergrad or ever before that, which was about 9 years ago. The show was ‘The Last Match‘. Well, technically this was Off-Broadway, but potato ‘potAto’.

I was so curious and puzzled as to how would a theatre play be something so physical, like a tennis game. I was so surprised to see the magnificence of how they synced the sound of the ball bounce on the ground, when they hit the ball in the air… to whenever they did those actions, even subtly. The performances, actors and the narration were brilliant… just brilliant.

This has started the thirst in me to follow up on more theatres, at least as long as I am drawing inspiration from New York and Broadway. Looking forward to watching the super hit ‘The Lion King’ because even otherwise, ‘The Lion King’ animated film is my all-time best, film, ever. If I do watch it on Broadway and the live-action film that Disney has begun filming, then I’d have watched all three forms of this masterpiece of fiction.