My goal is to create a game, packaged in a aesthetically good looking package, with cards, and a nice board to place them down, have the users sit around and have fun, keep their secrets, play their cards right, team up and trick the other and similar thoughts.

My goal is that I want this game to be played like the usual card games like the traditional ‘pack of cards’, trump cards, metagame, cards against humanity – and evoke the same feelings of playing these cards games or any other board games for that matter – like LIFE, Battleship, Monopoly, etc. The experience is what I want to keep the same way and not the specific infrastructure of the game. That is what I want to change or design. Obviously, I want to keep or just leave the experience of the game feeling the same because it’s a game, and all games are played for fun, competition, fun fights, killing boredom, etc – they evoke all the same emotions.


Why do I want to do this?
I am not a gamer and I don’t think of a game when I am bored, but I pass my boredom with movies, or visiting places, travelling, eating outside, etc. I play games only with my select friends and that too rarely because in our parties or hangouts – a game is one of the last ideas that we think of to pass time.

Therefore, I want to force myself into a game design project because I do not think that my ideas would ever otherwise take the form of a game unless I force it into – also, the main reason is that I want to academically experiment with the game design process and understand my design values better – because as I have understood so far, game design helps improve your design thinking and it will also contribute to my study of interaction design and my goal to become a successful interaction designer.

Bouncing through ideas and my mind-map, I decided to include the degree of AR within the game to add a factor of novelty and ‘wonder’. This is intentional to add to the aesthetics and WOW of the game and is not necessary for the gameplay or functionality. This should appeal to users of age 13 to 20 and can appeal to users above 20 as well.