I went through a designer block for a week, maybe because of the mid-term projects, spring semester procedures, etc. I could see myself and trust my future self, doing the right thing and making the right calls. However, I couldn’t get myself moving – and it was important to get going because that would otherwise cause delay and logjam to complete my final studio project.

Therefore, as much as I underestimated it when I first learned it, I now realize the mind mapping helps solve so much! I assume that most people would like to mind map on an infinite surface like a wall, or a whiteboard, however, while this is liberating, I prefer mind mapping my thoughts on my iPad and the reason is that – I find this very personal and closed. When I say closed, I don’t mean I am limiting my mind, but my focus grows infinite when I look onto a finite surface. So I started mind mapping and connected all the bubbles floating in my mind. I got the diagram above and things got so clear.

To give you the gist of how I landed the idea and why I feel I need to stick to it:

  • It started with the ‘Ideas in Form’ series where I wanted to make a trump card game anyways to be part of the 5D interactive form. I added the element of Web since that was the quickest interactive form I could give to my idea.
  • Interaction for Strangers was the other project that subconsciously influenced my idea – where I took a weekend trip to the MIT hackathon and understood VR, AR in more depth and discovered something called as the Merge Cube.
  • With other strong influences of bouncing my thoughts off friends, going by my childhood memories of playing trump cards with my brother and inspiration from some current precedents, I finally decided on this idea.
  • Last but not the least, academically, I wanted to explore Game Design as a design subject in this project, as I normally don’t end up creating ‘perfect games’ to express. Therefore this was a challenge that I wanted to take up as well.

Hence I landed my idea.