I am defining the term kick-start statement as a design statement that is generated straight from the mind map, the idea and the inner creativity that compels me to design, create or make a project, without deeply thinking about the necessary design discipline, rhetoric, process or the technology. Essentially this is an initial design statement that will change and evolve through the design process before final product construction begins.

I am creating a game for users of ages 13 onwards to play, have fun, enjoy, connect with one another because of the game, that is engaging and a purpose to kill boredom, that will eventually but may be subconsciously create an awareness to appreciate the world as one entity with many cultures – the theme of this game is based on the concept of the 7 wonders. This game should be played in the context of a party, leisure at home, office, school or family get-togethers.

I have used the term ‘users’ and not ‘gamers’ because I expect this to be a casual, fun game for all and not specifically someone who is looking to play particular games or being a game-critique, etc.

Update: This is the updated design statement as I progressed through my design process.

I am creating a game for users of ages 13 onwards to have fun, compete and connect with friends, family and colleagues – one that is engaging, killing boredom, that has an underlying aim of subconsciously educating the players of the various cultures of the world through the 7 wonders.