I always believe “inspiration” is a very simple and modest word, with great power. It’s a strong force which can drive anything, subtly, simply or subconsciously. Therefore, I have relied on a few quotes of inspiration from my teachers, as I have gradually approached them for guidance on this project.

Aesthetics is part of Usability. – Prof. Morry Galonoy

Not just users will influence the product, but the user surroundings as well. – Prof. Morry Galonoy

Don’t pay so much attention and importance to every step of a design process just to have a process. Just take the step, and the process will follow. – Prof. Sven Travis

If you want to start a design process for a Game, just go ahead and first make a Game. – Prof. Colleen Macklin

Take the familiar and make it unfamiliar. – Prof. Colleen Macklin

Obviously, these quotes are taken from context. They mostly emanated during many of my design critiques that I went through this fall semester. I also have discussed my pitch, idea and the process behind my #FallFinal game design and these quotes propped from there too. The one that Prof. Colleen said, was in the context of my prototyping methods to test my game rule sets, something that was echoed by my studio Prof. Galonoy and my peers at the studio. So I have kept these in mind and I am using them as one of my main driving forces while I build on my idea.