This game will be played in dice and dine restaurants, or parties, after parties, may be used as drinking games, in high schools, office breaks, killing time, etc


  • The criteria extends from Ideas in Form
  • This should subconsciously educate the players in one game or over time
  • The gameplay must arouse or maintain ‘curiosity’ or ‘suspense’
  • The game aesthetics should be minimal
  • The rules need to be easily understandable and consumable
  • The novelty factor of the Augmented Reality should not only play to attract or add to the ‘wonder’ factor but also influence gameplay.


  • Time constraint of three weeks
  • The AR will be a component of novelty and also influence gameplay.
  • The game can be played without the AR novelty using a regular card as well. – This will not only be an official rule but also a fail-safe mechanism.


Regular users and not just ‘gamers’, high-school students, college and graduate students, students who have just passed out into their jobs and careers, people with large families getting together during festivals, people participating in communication events, activities and team building exercises.


  • Want something to have fun to pass time
  • Trying to beat other friends at work or school
  • They want to bond with friends and family
  • Not an extremely long game but it will need some time to sit, relax and play
  • Use phones and experience AR and enjoy the novelty
  • Fun but Competitive
  • Subconsciously Educative and making people aware