Dear Visitor,
I request you to take a good look at the poster [click the image to zoom in]. Please write down whatever you feel, what game you imagine being played, anything that you dismiss, or anything that generates curiosity or confusion in you. Thank you for your inputs.

Initially, when I thought of my idea poster, I framed it just considering my design values, but then I went back to the drawing board, explored my mind map, and tried to sum up the entire mind map with my ideas in one image. This poster stands as a representation of my thoughts, ideas, memories and most important of all, my inspiration for making this project. I want to use the idea poster to help me generate my first few prototypes that will suit user expectations and develop the right gameplay and experience.

Images are borrowed from Merge Cube VR, The Metagame, Cards Against Humanity, UNO, Genesis AR game, WWE, WWF and


I received many responses to my Idea Poster the ones that struck a chord with me were the following:

  • It reminded me of my childhood days taking me back to WWE, Trump Cards, UNO Cards. Besides my most recent Europe holidays and the memories at Agra Taj Mahal.
  • AR version of Monopoly
  • A card game involving a hunt of some kind – travel to palaces, impersonating/fighting wrestlers. A combination of other games that overlap to form a new one.
  • What’s the cube in the center? Pandora’s box?
  • One reminds me of some game related to the crystal ball and predicting the future.
  • Pictionary

Interestingly, some of the users imagined a board game from this idea poster. However, the other responses helped me give a form to the feel and goal of my game.