As I’m trying to bring finesse to the emotions, purpose, and goal of my project, I found inspiration in one of my favorite scenes and favorite films of all time – English Vinglish. 

Shashi (played by late Sri Devi) is in New York, for the very first time outside her home country India, to attend and help out at her niece’s wedding. She takes to learning English because back in India, she was always criticized by her husband and especially her daughter, for speaking dodgy and broken English.

In this scene, she receives an international call from her daughter in India, because her daughter thinks that her mom has misplaced one of her school books. While Shashi tries to explain to her daughter that she did not misplace it, and she didn’t even read any personal from it, her daughter yells saying “You didn’t read because you’re unable to!”
Frustrated, she walks away muttering her disappointment and anger at her disrespectful daughter. She is accompanied on that walk by her English classmate, Laurent, from France, who secretly has a huge crush on Shashi.

My inspiration lies in how they both connect with each other from their personal frustration and their difficulty and commonality in not knowing English. In the end, Shashi suggests ‘Isn’t it good to talk, without understanding…?”