It is a collection of physical prototypes and digital concepts.

A speculative environment where the earth is depleted of oxygen, filled with toxic air from pollution, the human race has diminished, thereby still leaving plenty of energy resource – an ironical state of affairs, insufficient to sustain the human race. The work, in essence, is a critical design of human existence and it’s desire for higher standards of living.


This was conceptualized by the Futures Wheel on Energy Conservation. Also, please see the environment video and a storyboard here, to understand how the world of living in the a-tox-sphere is like. View Slides here for video and storyboards.

This has led to a world of taller buildings, clustered together more than ever, with small circular windows and large circle decks near the roofs, to prevent contamination of the rest of the building, if any accident had to happen.


Modeled on a rigid plastic physical prototype and a concept interface.

A face mask that is the bare-essential to live in the a-tox-sphere world, outdoors. While the indoors are insulated from the toxic air, humans want to spend time outdoors. A walk, a drive, a road-trip are highly desireable urges. It stands as a symbol of status, wealth and eventually equality, as per the speculated timeline.

ePost (emotional-Post)

Physical prototype and video to demonstrate affordances.

With postal service extinct, humans now crave for nostalgic emotions, want to bring back memories. ePost or emotional-Post is a WiFi enabled Internet communication device that forcefully contains extinct affordances – like to tear open a letter, wait for a reply, the feeling of anticipation, surprise, regret – to realize the value of these emotions over instant messaging, instant accept or delete.

V. R. P. (Virtual Reality Past)

Illustration and Sketch with a low-fidelity prototype.

VRP’s are an advanced version of ‘Breathers’ – a critical design to symbolically represent the advancement of technology that has led humans to resemble their past uncivilized selves, apes. This is a symbolic gadget that encompasses the human needs of emotional nostalgia, vital breathing, navigation and an escape from the toxic reality by virtually mapping the old, more natural, inhabitable world.


Website of a company and sample images of a product.

Table-to-table enables individuals, to grow their own nutrient-rich vegetables using nutrient liquid, in the comfort of your home, free from toxic soil, making you trust your food. Using CRISPR technology, the Cas9 protein is genetically modified, by adding keratin, that allows your food to be delivered pre-sliced or diced. Upon breaking the skin, our engineered gene strand makes the vegetable, ready to cook.

Hover Globe

3D printed physical prototype and sketch.

This is the basic and luxurious mode of vehicular transportation in this world. It’s a symbol of wealth, status and ‘staying afloat’ than that of equality. The name also signifies that this planet was ‘our globe’, but now humans are just drifting in them. The virtual reality technology here is synonymous with the V. R. P. This is solar-powered and contributes to recycling the toxic air.

The Hover Globe is a mode of transport that docks on the circular top floors of the buildings in this world and opens into the building when the fit into the circular door is airtight. This opens into a room that is filled with green creepers, because as we saw from Table-to-Table, here people grow and prefer to grow most possible vegetation in their homes, otherwise it turns out expensive. The Hover Globe uses the same technology as the VRP’s and hence the circular screens around the globe, make the driver feel in a world that isn’t so depressing or destroyed, and brings them back all the nostalgic memories, with precise virtual navigation.

All these go in a round circle and are inter-related with the liquid nutrient or the oxygen gel.
Please find the slide deck here.


Research Links

  1. Delhi and Beijing – Capitals of worlds most populous countries are now unbreathable
  2. An increasing role for Nuclear Energy and the harnessing of nuclear resources available – How the futures wheel was generated and assumed for this project. The fall and rise of nuclear powerOil companies are lobbying against it that is politicising the energy debate.
  3. Precedents for the Liquid Nutrient Oxygen Gel
  4. Inspiration and Precedent for Table-to-Table
  5. Hover Globe