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This is a social game that essentially works around building social connections and understanding or debating each other’s opinions. It’s a game where you do what you already love to do with your friends: talk about culture. This was an inspiration to Cards Against Humanity. By its title, this game encompasses several other games in one and can be played as per one’s current feeling.

Cards Against Humanity
is a party game in which players complete fill-in-the-blank statements using words or phrases typically deemed as offensive, risqué or politically incorrect printed on playing cards. This game is similar and inspired in part by an early version of The Metagame in 2010.14

You must have played UNO which was the colorful and numerical translation to the traditional 52 playing cards, with a few fancy action cards. It’s interesting to note that while UNO has action cards that can complicate the direction of gameplay, skip a player, make players draw more cards and generate other competitive emotions, the interaction is directed straight towards the cards pack and that keeps everything grounded and simple.

Genesis and Skylanders
Genesis and Skylanders are AR games with a touch of analog cards, something very opposite of what I am attempting to create. They claim they are ‘the right way to game’.16 Skylanders series managed to become one of the most surprisingly huge hits in gaming over the last several years, so it’s no surprise Activision has branched the series out to everything they can think of. Skylanders has been hit-and-miss on mobile platforms, but with their latest, Battlecast, they’ve entered the ever-crowded world of collectible card gaming and, after a fashion, augmented reality.17 Genesis also, similarly says that ‘this isn’t a typical Trading Card Game,16 however, essentially we are playing most of the game on the device itself, and so the cards can clearly become just a gimmick.

Merge Cube
The Merge Cube claims to be the world’s first, holographic object you can hold in the palm of your hand.2 Forbes says that ‘This is a completely different way to experience augmented and virtual reality because it provides users with a handheld cube essentially allowing the child to hold a hologram in her hand.’ I am not only considering this as a precedent but using this as an integral part of my game since this is what the Merge Cube was made for. This will add the factor of attraction to younger players and will satisfy my criteria of adding the modern digital touch to the traditional card game.

Understanding popular card games
Looking at’s best-seller card games today you will notice that the gameplay, the ‘fun’ quotient and the expansions all lie in the content of the card and not particularly in the rule set or the gameplay itself. All these games come loaded with hundreds of cards without which the game cannot survive. This is my view is a step back of the better game design, when traditionally, the 52 playing cards deck has shown us that with just so many, we can have a game of fun, thrill, cunning, strategy and play for hours together. Hence by this, I wish to limit my card size limit to, and keep the focus on the gameplay and the rule set to generate the true game experience than to focus of the content of the cards itself.