My aesthetics inspiration mainly sprung up from the Merge Cube itself that perfectly complimented my concept and my game design values. Also, the jingle that I made to help add to the experience packaging of the game and to help users understand the essence of the rule set better was the main factor in defining the aesthetics. The jingle is as shown below.


Extending from the above, I drew inspiration from movies like ‘The Great Gatsby’ and ‘XMEN Apocalypse’ and proceeded to make mockups as below. However, I felt the mockups are in violation of my criteria¬†and hence I toned it down to make simple final mockups for now.

Final Chosen Concept Cards

Typography used for Testing
Title of Game / Logo – Ethlinn Font
Wonder Card or Flag Card – Market Deco
Country name – Market Deco
Details – Market Deco
Rules – Market Deco Card and Lato

I’m trying to make this more minimalistic and print out a few on paper and open it to user feedback. Probably, the fancy ‘magical ancient groovy’ borders may not be necessary. I plan to do this via a survey and with the people that I will continue my playtests with. The challenge here to how to include the GOLD part in glitter or some form of yellow color, but I’d prefer adding the glitter factor to it.