After making the concept prototype that in itself helped me form my game better with a gush of ideas for rule sets etc, I proceeded to make my aesthetic prototype as above. This had a pack of 52 cards: 7 old wonders, 7 new wonders, 21 finalist monuments that were voted as part of choosing the new 7 wonders, and their respective country flag cards, plus three cube cards (something like Joker cards from the traditional card pack). This will played along with the cube.

Prototyping must serve its well-defined purpose, single or multi-dimensional, and my purpose was the rule set. While I did start with a concept prototype, the aesthetics was only the last part to consider and the game design process was mainly for the rule set. Referencing Stephanie Houde and Charles Hill’s article of Prototyping, my focus was mainly on the ‘experience’ than the role or implementation, which had limited degree of variation.