Mario’s PJ Time is my personal stick-figure-comic-strip blog that throws out a random silly joke or a ‘PJ’ for a smile and a laugh.

“PJ” in India generally refers to ‘poor joke’ or ‘pathetic joke’ as opposed to pajamas otherwise. I started Mario’s PJ Time back in 2007 using SMS to pass on the jokes and riddles, for the oh-so-funny person that I am. You might be smiling already. See, told ya! After my undergrad, I decided to channel this into a blog in 2011 after SMS grew outdated. Hence, was born.

Here are samples of how I branded Mario’s PJ Time and then proceeded to keep it something minimal. In all my personal ventures, my logos, themes have just been a product of mind-to-paper and the end result has remained minimal and free-hand.



The first original logo incorporates an M, P and the J letters within its smiley face. After a hiatus, I planned a sleeker version of the logo, again with a few iterations over the iPad. The ‘pi’ symbol in the new logo, is similar to the new style of stick figures on my blog. I added this change as I wanted to create something more unique in my stick figures as compared to the many existing stick-figure blogs today.

Comic Strip Samples