These are some of my Storyboarding samples for some projects that I took up, as exercises to sharpen and understand my design process.

Transportation Project

This was a 1-day project in Bootcamp, Parsons School of Design where we had to pick any social problem related to “transportation” and try to design solutions around it. The project was to understand the importance of Personas and Storyboarding.
Lens: Social Scientist

We are exploring ways to enhance connectivity in rural India to assess how increased mobilty, owing to better infrastructure will elevate the value of India’s rural economy.

Sources of Research

  • Govt records
  • NGO’s surveys and data
  • Specific live city samples
  • Interviews of rural experts, villagers, translators
  • Indian newspaper articles, reports
  • Online surveys – urban point of view






Storyboard – The Solution


PayPal ‘Awaaz Pay’ or PayPal Voice

Back in 2014, one of my friends, Karthik Kastury, who currently works in PayPal San Francisco and formerly Bangalore, requested me for help on marketing his idea of ‘Awaaz Pay’. In India, online transactions and services aren’t very popular as much as it is in the west. To help people without smartphones, especially from remote areas of India, he came up with the idea of the online transaction via SMS or phone calls, to improve their access to e-commerce.
This was one such storyboard that he used in his initial idea pitch. He requested this after he liked my work on, and wanted something similar.


Coursera Certification in Interaction Design

I was learning Interaction Design via an online certification on These exercises were mock-ups while working through some of my assignments and trying to solve some social problems that I have come across.
Smart Roads – This is a demo of an app, that uses its intelligence to dynamically generate the best possible route with least traffic, in Bangalore City.
Gift Generator – This is a demo for a simple app that asks you questions like the ‘Twenty Questions Game’ so that it understands the needs of your loved ones, and generated the best possible gift choices as per the personal characteristics logged in the app, and learning by history.