MadeByMAD is my personal design label or branding, that sprung out from my graphic designs for t-shirts and merchandise. My name Mario Arnold Dcunha abbreviates to M.A.D.

Discipline: Graphics Design
Timeline: Launched in August 2016
Technology: Adobe Creative Suite
Association: Self-Initiated

I always wanted to make my own graphic designs for tees and merchandise and sell them online, to take advantage of the many online platforms. After creating a few sample designs, I was looking out for some branding which also reflected my thought process and my personality. Since the initials of my name Mario Arnold Dcunha is M.A.D, I thought I would incorporate the same.

This logo is a fresh drawing just on my iPad using the Apple Pencil, and the red and black colors simply inspired the look, that I thought would go well on the back collar label of t-shirts in general. I later proceeded to convert it into a GIF inspired from neon-lights. I tried to make the letters pin-straight so that I could better show a pure neon effect for the font, but then, I decided to go back to my raw sketch of these letters so that the logo reflected my original handwriting. After all, it’s made by MAD.

I bought a dedicated domain to redirect my customers to shop in the USA on and shop in India on, which are the online artist shops that I earn royalty from for every sale. Let’s look at my favorite designs:


Miss Tickle

“Put your hands together for Miss Tickle!” – Miss Tickle is a young, sexy witch who is tickled by the quills swirling around, and that makes her giggle. The idea was born when I wanted to participate in the “Mystical” challenge at This was my first output for the MadebyMAD brand.

When this contest started, I was totally out of ideas as to how would I create something on this topic. I kept repeating the word “Mystical” in my mind, and towards the end, I took the literal-and-the-sound of the word “Mys-tical” and created this character.
I ran a few scribbles with my iPad pencil and then went on an iteration process to refine it. I completed the character with finishing using Photoshop after refining the borders with Illustration.


I’m Toast

This was one of my attempts at a quick sketch on my iPad with the Apple Pencil and then moved it to Photoshop for the finish. I wanted to keep it fresh, raw and simple. I wanted to make a few ‘pun’ designs as inspired by the ‘Food’ and ‘Pun’ design contests that were carried out on


Evolution Of Music

This is my tribute to some of my favorite music legends – The Beatles, Elvis, Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga and Adele. With the ‘Black and White’ theme, I brought the Piano, the Abbey Road crossing, and the ‘evolution’ of all this together, in a literal and figurative sense. For the piano or the crossing base, I used a high res image of the front angle of a piano, and compressed and flattened the 3D aspects and saturated all color or shadows. Then I appropriately placed the silhouettes in chronological order.
Model Credit:


World Wide Web

As a web performance consultant and working in Akamai for four years, and a person who makes silly jokes (, this idea hit me, quite naturally. With the literal sense, I made this with a high res photograph of a spider web spread over a silhouette of the world map and masking the resulting image.


Dial Indian for Hunger

A traditional Indian meal is eaten in a “Thali” – a range of curries placed in small bowls around the large steel plate. Normally in India, we never easily get traditional food home delivered and packed so well, as compared to fast food or other non-traditional Indian food as well. Hence this idea emerged from that thought.
The phone was made with a simple silhouette from free clipart and then changed shades of grey for some lighting. Then I placed a limited color-palette photo of ‘Thali’ right exactly around the phone dial and titled it to perspective.


Egg Samples

Tried to animate the different kinds of ways in which we eat eggs. I made the basic egg illustration with Illustrator and built on it for the other types, with some styling added using Photoshop. Ideally suited for kids clothes or other merchandise.