Grey Eye (Gray AI)

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Infosys, Finacle, Service Tester Framework

Timeline: 2 weeks | January 2011

When I was working in the STF Team at Finacle, Infosys, there was a need to rebrand the team and also create a new portal where all the tickets, bugs and code releases would be managed through the STF portal.

In the STF team, we had to work on blocks of code, one by one, while checking code bugs. So I drew the inspiration from there, with blocks of rounded rectangles. Also, since we were testers of the health of the code, the ‘T’ also resembles the red-cross of the former ‘medicine’ or ‘first-aid’ symbol. I fit the abbreviation of the letters in the negative space and used it all. I gave the highlight to ‘T’ as we were one of the main testing teams in our business unit.



Timeline: 2 days | March 2006

During my 12th year (before under-graduation) there were many marketing and product launch competitions that I participated in. This was one of them, where I had to create a branding for a hypothetical NGO (non-governmental organization) that took care of homeless and street children of India, gave them shelter and assisted them for the better future. We chose the title ‘GoKid’ and I decided to come up with this logo.

We are given very limited time, and hence I made this logo. I used the font ‘Hobo’ and took the letters G and K and inverted them to make the structure of the body of a kid. Then I added a face with a smile, to project optimism and positive vibe. Surprisingly, today  is a Japanese website, and somehow the inverted G and K resembles one of the Japanese letters.