My first client project where I had to design a logo/branding for a podcast run by three friends from India – Two Brahmins and a Singh.

Discipline: Graphic Design, Visual Design
Timeline: 1 week | Sepetember 2017
Technology: Adobe Creative Suite
Association: Customer Request

I got a request from a friend to design a logo! He is in the process of releasing his podcast back in India, and so he and his friends were looking for visual branding. He was very specific in his request.
They were two brahmins (a well-known Hindu caste) and a Singh (a  very popular surname or group of Sikhs, generally from Punjab or New Delhi). In his description of the request, it was clear that they wanted a logo that represented them.

Constraints and Criteria

  • My client requirements were clear – they wanted to keep it minimal.
  • Mic, coffee, lassi ( a well-known drink made of curd, especially popular with Sikhs and in North India) was to be included.
  • They did not want a turban to be incorporated because the Sikh person here, does not adorn one and they did not want to stereotype.
  • They were ok to use any other symbolic gestures in terms of making their identity.

I liked this idea, it was fresh, it was something I never would think of and also, this wasn’t exactly a typical logo, because the title was long, and the focus was on the title than a symbol, like one would use on a physical product that you would sell.

Process and Mind Maps

Concerns and Direction

  • I was concerned about the dimensions and placement of square-size profile pictures on social media. Rectangular cover photos on facebook, youtube, etc.
  • I definitely wanted to use the mic and the “Brahmin Tilak” (described below). I found a perfect match there.
  • I tried to put the coffee and also the lassi glass, but somehow I could not fit the lassi in. I also felt it was too many additions and wasn’t necessary. I kept the coffee glasses simple with just the steam, as I ran a quick survey with initial sketches with my friends who had no context. I asked to identify all the physical things that they can see easily and they all responded with tea/coffee and mic. Hence it was not needed to make the coffee glasses look more real than already was.
  • I was happy to stick the ‘Singh’ word onto a line above, which makes it look like ‘Hindi’ language (described below). This also gives an overall Indian feel to the entirety.
  • The inverted “i” or the exclamation mark represents them talking, making statements, commentary.
  • Since the ‘Brahmins’ are being represented by the tilak, I also wanted to add some symbolization for the ‘Singh’ and hence went with the traditional mustache, that they generally sport.

Indian Context

Brahmins are a caste of Hindus, predominant all over India. They are known to be religious and sometimes orthodox too. They are looked upon as the “priestly” class.   The tilak is a mark of faith which again varies based on the God or Goddess or the region or the customs the Brahmins they follow. I interlinked the “three-line-tilak”  with the mic, subtly.

Also, just for your information,  below is the Hindi language written in Devanagari script. Every word in Hindi is sealed with a top line, and hence I added that slight touch, on the “Singh” word because ‘Singh’s mainly live in North India where Hindi is the popular language.


Iteration Process

  • I worked to create my first full draft that includes all the basic elements requested. I did drop some as I felt that would populate the aesthetics and are unnecessary. This was communicated to the client as well.
  • Took a free font Hogfish as my precedent and worked around that just to create a sense of direction where the logo is headed.
  • The initial round of feedback from the client was positive.


The final templates were sent to the client with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator edit versions of the file and also different dimensions of the product suitable for Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

The two brahmins are Rishi and Anoop, and the Singh is Tanuj. Every letter with dashed lines (tilak) represents their initials, T, R and A. The R, of course, has the mic, also with the dashed line or tilak. The ‘W’ has the two coffee glasses and the Hindi style and mustache is embodied in ‘Singh’. Subscribe to their podcast here.