These are casual wedding invitations designed for my friends as per their personal requests. They are constrained in 2D with focus on effective messaging.

Discipline: Graphic Design, Visual Design
Timeline: 1 Week each invite
Technology: Adobe Creative Suite
Association: Requests from friends

These invitations are casual invitations that can be designed and printed in simple 2D. Creating invitations with extensions, fancy props, book style, etc are limited by the printer/press chosen to bulk-print these invitations, and hence my preference lies in 2D with the messaging being effective.
Note: These invitations are personal reflections of my friends who got married and not all context and facets can be explained as the meaning lies within their family and circle of friends. They have agreed to display them publicly.

I do not follow my elaborate design process for wedding invitations unlike designing logos, infographics or merchandise. I go in from a two perspective iterative process with an input-output iterative cycle and then let my heart take flight.


The Wedding of Ashank and Meghna


  • They wanted a representation with PlayStation and Cupcake.
  • They wanted this to be for their inner circle of friends and did not want to make it ‘too romantic’.
  • They wanted a rough, quirky look.


  • Fonts: Three varied free fonts for content, names, and addresses borrowed from, to maintain quirkiness and structure.
  • Directly used their symbolism for the objects requested.
  • Developed my signature of love and location with the multi-location-tag into a heart.
  • The text does pretty much the talking.


The Wedding of Shashank and Divyashree


  • The had no specific requirements, so I asked them to brainstorm with me and throw me keywords, of what they think of each other, how they want to present themselves in the invitation.
  • Here too, they did not want the invite to be ‘too romantic’.
  • Their main concern was to mention the wedding and the two receptions clearly along with their time and venues.


  • Fonts: American TypeWriter font all throughout
  • I made a crossword of all their personality traits and attributes and to represent how their different worlds merged into one marriage – the main big heart.
  • I used my signature of love and location again and the red helped make clear the venue and times in the otherwise black and white setting.
  • The bride’s father suggested using SHA-DI (pronounced as Shaa-thee) the starting of both their names, which in Hindi means marriage. I loved it and incorporated that too.
  • The entire theme of this invite is ‘meeting at crossroads of life’ suggested by the crossword puzzle and the black and white border crossings.
  • While they did not want it to be ‘too romantic’, I convinced them that the tiny hearts are definitely required.