This is the Newsletter 2016 of my team at Akamai Technologies, that was created as part of the annual review. I created this infographic to help break down the data collected over the year for a business-unit-wide release, to sales, marketing, service and delivery units.

Discipline: Graphic Design, Visual Design 
Timeline: 1 month | December 2016
Technology: Adobe Creative Suite
Association: Akamai Technologies, Performance Evaluation Team

Displayed below is only graphic aesthetics and placements. The scale, data, graphs, charts – all have dummy data as part of NDA, and used for the sake of illustration purposes only. The actual data is the property of Akamai Technologies.

The first draft was formed just as a sketch representation from an Excel sheet. None of them are displayed as part of NDA. After the initial draft of the newsletter, I went through an iterative process of showing the draft to select peers, collecting feedback and making changes to improve visual perception.

Fonts and Colors
‘Lato’ for rounded numbers and textboxes. I chose ‘Futura’ as the main font, because the regular and bold versions are quite different, which fit well. The ‘percentage’ circle was a free element from, by changing the colors.
The colors are sync with the official blue and orange colors of the company. I used the light yellow text scrap boxes, to elaborate more for the benefit of teams we usually don’t work with.