‘Pee for Petrol’ is a speculative design concept where human ‘pee’ is taken as input into the system, placed within a toilet/bathroom and converted to petrol, that is the output of this system. This has potential to save the world. It also won the first place at the national level, ‘Ignobles’ IIT TechFest, Bombay, Jan 2010  for the most innovative design.


Image from Flickr

Discipline: Speculative Design
Timeline: 1 month | January 2010
Technology: FlashMX, Adobe Photoshop
Association: Techfest, IIT Bombay, January 2010
Team: Mario Dcunha and Pramod Kamath

Problem and Context
We had to design an impossible solution to a real problem in the most real way possible. This was part of the Ignobles event for trivial or impossible inventions. With climate change at the forefront of problems in the world today and the depleting fuels, Pee for Petrol is here to save the day!

How can we create a reaction that uses the by-product of human metabolism – urine, famously known as ‘Pee’ and convert it to Petrol? 

The petrol thus generated is a high octane, eco-friendly, green petrol which works perfectly with all the existing petrol engines. The entire apparatus can be easily installed into your toilet and the back-end technology with the MUTHRA-PETRO Conversion (pee to petrol conversion, pee in Indian language means Muthra (moo-th-raa)) process takes place as shown:

[This was created in 2010 with Flash and I plan to revise this with Motion Graphics using Adobe After EFfects. Work in progress.]

  • If you turn the Piss-ten to the right PFP is activated, else the toilet is just for your crap.
  • The Analyzer analyses the source liquid (your Pee). PFP loves diabetic users. More the sugar, more carbon thus more the petrol generated.
  • The source liquid moves into the Pee-Buffer, where a minimum level is required for the PFP to work best. Upon reaching the level, the liquid is pumped into the reaction unit.
  • The first part of the reaction unit is the Fractional Distillation chamber where the source liquid is separated into fractions of urea, dissolved salts, and water.
  • The distilled proportions are mixed with a catalyst, Creatinine (a top-secret compound created by our research team during those 5 years of hard work) in the Mixture-Fixture. This mixture is then compressed to 400k Pascal in the Come-Press-Soon unit and sent to the next chamber. This chamber is the revolutionary MUTHRA-PETRO CONVERSION CHAMBER where the actual magic happens. Let’s see how these elements of your Pee, will give us Petrol:
  • Some salts pass through the Semi-Permeable Double-Layered Osmotic membrane and some don’t.
  • Urea has Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon, and Hydrogen. Carbon and Hydrogen pass through the membrane.
  • Oxygen in urea forms oxides with the non-permitted dissolved salts and the Creatinine catalyst. This is eliminated.
  • A powerful beam of electricity is made to hit the nitrogen atoms, which decomposes it into Carbon and Hydrogen atoms. Atomic No. of Nitrogen (7) = Atomic No. of Carbon (6) + Atomic No. of Hydrogen (1)
    The Carbon and Hydrogen atoms thus formed are again permitted into the cooling unit through the membrane.

The cooled mixture is then filtered to remove any unwanted substances and then we generate the readily usable, high octane and natural Petrol. Hence, you have Pee’d for Petrol! 🙂


  • People will drink more water to produce petrol, save money and drinking lots of water is also very good for health.
  • Heavy import burden of petroleum will stop and benefit all countries and the entire world! All countries will grow to become self-reliant on fuel. Wars need not be fought over energy or oil resources anymore!
  • Production of refined quality and natural fuel will bring down the pollution levels drastically.


  • Requires power for heating and electricity (but that’s a household utility)
  • Converts only a part of the source liquid to petrol and requires a minimum amount (not a problem in joint or large families!)

So go on people, leak out and save your money, save your health and save the earth! Remember, from now on, When Nature calls, Petrol Falls!

[This was created in 2010 with Flash and I plan to revise this with Motion Graphics using Adobe After EFfects. Work in progress.]