Gray-Eye is a speculative idea for an AI that essentially helps the user or generates an output that goes beyond the user input, with a goal to provoke the thoughts of the user and plant new ideas – to make the user see the ‘gray’ between black and white.

Discipline: Speculative Design, UI/UX Design
Timeline: 1 day | October  28th, 2017
Technology: AI, UI, Web/Mobile
Association: Verizon Design Jam, Parsons School of Design, at ‘The Alley’ NYC
Team: Aakanksha Aggarwal, Juan Herrera, Mario Dcunha, Nyantee Asherman

Design Charges

  1. How can non-visual methods be used to drive content discovery?
  2. How can users discover new content through alternative discovery platforms like voice, gesture, or other interfaces?
  3. How can recommendations be generated by and delivered to users through non-traditional methods?

This was a design jam hosted by Verizon to come up with creative solutions using an AI, against one or more of the above three design charges within a 24-hour sprint, in a team of four. We had to make a 4-minute presentation to explain our design/idea/pitch that included a 90-second video.

Mind Map

As a group, we approached the hunt to the idea in two exercises:

  • We put mind-to-paper by jotting down all that hit our mind and then classified factors and methods for content discovery. This was further segregated into non-visual methods and non-traditional methods. 
  • We looked at the design charges collectively in three perspectives of issues, form, and audience

By segregating the ideas and adding importance to the overlapping ones from different members of the group, we finally landed with the above main ideas and generated the design statement below:


How might we create an AI-driven platform that helps us generate new ideas by revealing un-related associations and helps us make connections that go beyond our assumptions and inputs?


Research and Precedents

Product Concept