1. The Strangers Project

Research Questions

  • Can an app or a web game/play experience generate interest so that, people would prefer to be able to break the bubbles of our own web, like social media, interacting with our own like-minded people, and create an open system for people to interact with a stranger from anywhere across the world?
  • Can this platform give more meaning to ‘connectivity’ in today’s segregated world, to the true power of what a smartphone was intended for and cultivate a true appreciation for the world outside the ‘screen’?
  • Can this be an opportunity for people to simply appreciate the other stranger, by engaging in very conscious, but playful experiences or puzzle solving, with gestures, smiles, and interaction, without text or chat, and without the bias of nationality, race, religion, etc?
  • Can these playful experiences be games or puzzles to bring out ironical situations from cultures around the world? Could we understand irony vs perception vs fact in a playful atmosphere between strangers?

Kick-off Design Question
How might I create a digital platform on the web or mobile, to get strangers from different locations to interact with each other simultaneously, without text or chat, over a curious playful experience, and return with a better appreciation of the other person, of your neighbor and people outside the screen of your phone?

Elevator Pitch
I am making an app, where any two strangers across the world can interact over an interesting playful experience, that can only be completed by them working together.

Public Awareness, Communication, Human Interaction, Sarcasm, Irony


2. The Litter Project

Research Questions

  • Can a data visualization experiment be sufficient to make an impact on the audience of populous countries like India, to get them to reflect on city sanitation and truly understand and recognize the menace of garbage deposition and necessity of urban sanitation?
  • Can this experiment prove or disprove the probable relationship between demographical attributes like population, density or culture with the amount of litter and garbage scattered across cities?
  • How would the piece reach a wide enough audience to make a meaningful impact?
  • Can the understanding of the problem generate conversation about mass solutions and provoke meaningful discussions?

Kick-off Design Question
How might I create a visualization on the web or mobile, that can span a large geography of people, to make them observe and recognize the probable relationship between human population, its density and amount of litter or garbage deposition?

Elevator Pitch
What if you could visualize the garbage deposition and litter across your city from a birds-eye view, and could compare it with population?
A data-visualization on the web or on mobile, to observe garbage deposition and litter across one’s own city and get a bird’s eye view, to compare against other cities to reveal consciousness and relationships between garbage, population, cultures, and sanitary systems.

Travel, City Sanitation, Public Awareness, Climate Change



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